Splicing of yarns is an integral part of industrial yarn manufacturing process. Pawan Bandh Indusrial Yarn Splicers can easily splice yarns like glass, aramid, nylon which are tough and are needed for making products that need to be strong and possess certain special characteristics to be able to deliver to the need for them.
These yarns need to be joined with splicers designed especially to join such tough yarns producing strength upto 80%. The splicers should make strong joints so that the end product can be strong, durable and fully functional.
Some applications where our industrial yarn splicers can be deployed are as below –
1. Manufacturing of industrial yarns like aramid, nylon, glass etc.
2. Manufacturing of conveyor fabric belts
3. Manufacturing of fire resistant clothes
4. Manufacturing of sports goods
5. Manufacturing of fishing nets
6. Manufacturing of industrial gaskets