//Pawan Yarn Suction Devices


Yarn suction devices are meant to increase productivity by preventing downtime that may be caused during thread winding process on the bobbin. At Phoenix, we manufacture yarn suction guns and aspirators under brand name ‘Pawan’. The word ‘Pawan’ means ‘air’ in hindi language.  

Pawan suction guns perform with high efficiency at lower air consumption and also help in reducing manpower and inventory cost.

You should choose Pawan Yarn Suction Devices because –

  1. Pawan guns are equipped with ‘O ring’ seal which enables dismantling several times without damaging thread.
  2. Pawan guns are manufactured from high performance materials and undergo special treatments and plating/coatings to improve yarn abrasion resistance.
  3. All gun parts are manufactured on CNC machines under close tolerances, making them 100% interchangeable.
  4. All spares for Pawan guns can be purchased from Phoenix anytime.

Invite Phoenix team for suction gun energy audit and find out optimum suction gun model by measurement and monitoring following parameters.

  • Air Consumption
  • Air Pressure
  • Suction Yarn Tension
  • Yarn Speed