Pawan Yarn Suction Device With Inbuilt Sensor & Timer

Yarn suction devices are used for bobbin yarn stripping or creel stripping by simultaneous suction of multiple ends. Pawan A120TS and A140TS are two models of yarn suction devices developed by Phoenix. The models differ in size and performance capabilities. Both models consist of inbuilt

ITMA2019 Media Gallery

When we had participated in ITMA2015, we had launched a new product - Pawan Yarn Suction Guns that works without adhesive. This time, that is in ITMA2019, we displayed some new models of Pawan Bandh Yarn Splicers. For all who could not visit us in

Yarn Splicer – A Significant Component Of Yarn Manufacturing Machinery

A yarn splicer is a simple instrument that is used to join two ends of yarn. The joining of yarn ends is important process  in textile manufacturing as it determines the quality of fabric manufactured as the finished product. What is the application of a Yarn

Yarn Suction Gun – Indispensable Part of Textile Manufacturing

The Yarn Suction Gun is an indispensable part of textile manufacturing process. A fine yarn suction gun should exhibit excellent properties such as providing powerful suction of a yarn with high energy efficiency and low consumption of the compressed fluid. Role of Yarn Suction Gun in

We are Participating in ITMA 2019, Barcelona – International Textile Manufacturing Exhibition

We are pleased to share the news of our participation in ITMA 2019 at Barcelona, Spain. With full range of products in our field of specialization, we are looking forward to connect with industry players from all over the world and explore business opportunities where we

Falcon Blades and Scissors are Usterized

We have been supplying millions of blades and Scissors to the international fabric and yarn manufacturing companies since more than a decade. Our product quality, customer service and responsiveness have helped build strong relationship with our customers and have made us their one stop shop for