We have been manufacturing blades and EYC knives for Autoconers/winding machines under our brand name Falcon, since 1991. Our blades perform with great precision and efficiency, increasing productivity. They are manufactured with premium quality raw materials and are customized to suit special needs such as:

  1. Steel autoconer scissors for fine count cotton yarns
  2. Brazed carbide autoconer scissors for coarse count blended yarns
  3. Zirconia ceramic/steel TiN coated scissors for wet splicing application

You should choose our Autoconer Blades & EYC Knives/ Anvil because:

  1. Our brazed carbide scissors outperform original steel scissors.
  2. Unconditional life time replacement guarantee is offered for complete machine scissor replacement.
  3. Over two million of our knives and one million anvils are already supplied to Electronic Yarn Clearer manufacturing companies in Europe

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