The Yarn Suction Gun is an indispensable part of textile manufacturing process. A fine yarn suction gun should exhibit excellent properties such as providing powerful suction of a yarn with high energy efficiency and low consumption of the compressed fluid.

Role of Yarn Suction Gun in Yarn Manufacturing

During the manufacturing of yarn from fiber, Yarn Suction Gun is used to pick up a running yarn and take it to a bobbin. At the beginning of spinning, a filament yarn delivered form the spinneret is sucked with a yarn suction gun, threaded to pass guide rollers and other devices such as interlacer, twisting disc and so on, and finally wound on a reel to start a production.

The application of Yarn Suction Guns in yarn manufacturing process can be summarised as below –

  1. Drawing yarn from spinneret and guiding it to winding machine during spinning
  2. Stripping – Removing undesirable yarn from the surface of a bobbin


Role of Yarn Suction Gun in Fibre Manufacturing

During doffing, the yarn suction gun is used to transfer a running yarn from a windup bobbin to another. The running yarn is drawn through the yarn suction gun into a waste yarn container.

The rotation of the winding spool is then stopped so that the full spool is removed and replaced with an empty one. During this period, the yarn is allowed to continue to run through the guide eye and into the yarn suction gun so that no slack occurs in the yarn. The running yarn is then placed around the empty spool with the help of yarn suction gun for starting the production. The yarn suction gun must draw yarn at appropriate speed and tension to assure continuous production while doffing yarn package.


Factors That Influence Efficiency of Yarn Suction Gun

A fluid machinery, yarn suction gun sucks yarn using high-speed helical airflow. The yarn suction is the result of interaction between the high-speed airflow and the yarn in a narrow tunnel like passage. Yarn behaviour in the airflow plays a considerable influence on the yarn suction efficiency and decides the position, length and speed of yarn in the tube. The relation between yarn behaviour and gun suction force control the motion of yarn and is important for designing yarn suction guns with high performance.


 Why Phoenix

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Invite Phoenix team for Suction Gun Energy Audit and find out Optimum Suction Gun Model by measurement and monitoring following parameters –

  1. Air Consumption
  2. Air Pressure
  3. Suction Yarn Tension
  4. Yarn Speed