Yarn suction devices are used for bobbin yarn stripping or creel stripping by simultaneous suction of multiple ends. Pawan A120TS and A140TS are two models of yarn suction devices developed by Phoenix. The models differ in size and performance capabilities. Both models consist of inbuilt sensors and timers.

Timer can be set to stop air supply after pre set duration. The yarn sensor provided inside the unit can stop air supply when yarn is absent i.e. all bobbins are stripped. Operator may not need to wait to switch off air supply when stripping operation is over.

Pawan Yarn Suction Device with inbuilt Sensor-Timer is available in two sizes –

Operating Pressure4-8 BAR4-8 BAR
Electric Supply230 V AC230 V AC
Air Consumption m^3/hr11 x (BAR +1)38 x (BAR +1)
Air Connection Inlet13 mm ID HOSE20 mm ID Hose
Air Connection Exhaust23 mm ID HOSE30 MM ID Hose
Suction Capacity15000 DTEX35000 DTEX
Overall Dimension122X170X223 mm122x170x310 MM
Weight4.5 KG5.4 KG
Mode of Operation1: Sensor | 2: Time | 3: Sensor + Timer

Unit can be operated in three modes –The suction device is very simple to set up. Fix the unit at any suitable place. Connect 230 V AC as shown. Connect compressed air pipe & exhaust pipe. The equipment is ready for use.

Timer Mode ‘T’ – The unit will start suction & will continue till predetermined time. Compressed air will be automatically shut off through solenoid after pre set time is over. The cycle can be repeated by pressing the start button again.

Sensor Mode ‘S’- The unit will start yarn suction till desired bobbins are emptied. The unit will automatically stops when all yarns are over.

Sensor + Timer Mode ‘S & T’ – The unit will start yarn suction till desired bobbins are emptied or pre set time is over- whichever is earlier.

In all three modes the function can be stopped at any time just by pressing stop button.

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