We have been manufacturing cutters for various brands of rapier, air jet, waterjet and projectile weaving machines under the brand name Falcon, since 1991. Phoenix loom cutters and assemblies are made of superior quality raw material using state of the art machines & technology.

Falcon loom cutters and assemblies increase productivity by making every cut with accuracy with higher life time, thus reducing inventory cost and improve profitability.

Our cutters and their assemblies are sought after because:

  1. We use a special carbide grade manufactured from ultrafine carbide powder.
  2. Our product spectrum consists of cutters made from steel, carbide and steel cutters with a carbide brazed tip, guaranteeing increased life time and a wide range of applications
  3. – We also offer micro-serrated cutter for special applications such as weaving of glass fibre, aramid and TiN coating for life enhancement.

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For Dornier Rapier & Air Jet Looms

For Picanol Rapier & Air Jet Looms

For ITEMA / Sulzer / Somet / Vamatex Rapier & Air Jet Looms

For Tsudakoma / Toyota / Nissan Water Jet & Air Jet Looms

For Saurer / Van De Wiele / Ishikawa / Panter Rapier Looms

Taylor Made Blades For Special Application

Mechanical Parts

Supply to Original Equipment Manufacturers