OEM Supply Of Blades & Scissors

Under our brand names Falcon and Phoenix, we have been supplying blades and other mechanical components to machinery manufacturers in India and Europe. Amongst others, we have been supplying EYC knife and anvil to Uster Technologies, Switzerland since more than 10 years, and have recently completed a supply of 2 million Quantum knives & 1.7 million Quantum Anvil. We have also developed a weft cutter assembly, and have been successfully supplying it to all rapier loom manufacturers in India. Our clientele include:

  1. EYC knife and anvil for Uster Technologies, Switzerland
  2. Blades for Otto Stuber & Textechno, Germany
  3. Weft & Selvedge cutter assembly for Rapier Loom Manufacturers – Spectrum / Lifebond / Weavetech / Orange / Laxmi / Dynamic