Under brand name ‘Pawan Bandh’, Phoenix manufactures pneumatic splicers which help in joining the two ends of yarn. Pawan Bandh pneumatic splicers are made with precision and have long life cycle.

The Pawan Bandh brand of stand-alone or hand held pneumatic splicers offer precision, efficiency and productivity in producing superior quality of yarn splices. A portable hand-held yarn splicer is adapted to be carried and operated by one hand of an operator so that the other hand can be used to perform pre and post splicing activities.

Our pneumatic splicers are available with option for multiple chambers and are suitable for various yarn types such as glass fiber, carbon, nylon, aramid, cotton and synthetic filament and spun yarns. Operating at 4-6 bar air pressure, our yarn splicers produce fine splice of strength upto 80%.

Pneumatic yarn splicers make knot free fabric for various applications such as manufacturing of garments, institutional  and household furnishings; industrial applications like production of fabric conveyor belts, fire proof wearables, fishing nets, sportswear, tire chords etc.

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